White Chocolate 36% 2Kg

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This deliciously creamy white chocolate couverture offers a fabulous sweet intensity and delicious notes of caramel and vanilla. The Felchlin Edelweiss 36% is a part of the Grand Cru Couverture range.


The White chocolate Felchlin Edelweiss 36% is a part of the Grand Cru Couverture range. A balanced, white couverture with a pleasant whole milk note, the intensive processing in the conch reveals a delicate cream caramel flavor which is rounded with a subtle vanilla taste.

The long lasting finish unfolds a mild, light acacia blossom honey note. It is suitable for a variety of applications such as such as coating pralines and specialties, filling hollow shells and creating ganache, mousses and creams.


Brand Felchlin
Origin Switzerland
Preparation Guidelines Follow instructions on packaging
Storage Store in a cool dry place

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