Amo – Bolivia Framboise

Amo – Bolivia Framboise

A little inspiration from softly melting chocolate filled with Frambonosa pralines makes any heart skip a beat. Get inspired by our heart patisserie articles and accompanying recipes and spoil your loved ones with a hearty surprise!

Baking Instructions

  • 1
    100 g Cacaobutter rot
    750 g Bolivia 68%-60h Rondo
    Sprinkle the amo chocolate mould with rubis powder, spray with red coloured cocoa butter. Pour with temperature-controlled Bolivia 68%-60h once.
  • 2
    Edelweiss 36% Ganache
    175 g Rahm 35%
    350 g Edelweiss 36%, Rondo
    Heat the cream to 30°C. Gradually add the edelweiss 36% couverture and make a homogeneous ganache. Homogenize briefly with a hand blender.
  • 3
    Frambonosa Filling
    525 g Frambonosa, Raspberry
  • 4
    Filling DC76E
    Heat Frambonosa at 30-32°C melt.
  • 5
    Fill The Edelweiss 36% Ganache and the Frambonosa in two separate pass bags. Place together in third skin pass bag to achieve marbled structure. Allow to crystallize overnight. Close with Bolivia 68%-60h couverture. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Felchlin Products

  • 1 CO27 Bolivia 68% Rondo, Couverture, dunkel
  • 2 CS84 Edelweiss 36%, Rondo, Couverture, weiss
  • 3 DC76E Frambonosa, Raspberry Filling DC76E*