Felchlin Switzerland - Finest Swiss Chocolate - Since 1908

Felchlin is the leading producer of noble Swiss chocolate and semi-finished products made with passion and tradition for more than a hundred years. As a niche producer based in central Switzerland, they work directly with cacao farmers and partners around the world to ensure the standards of quality, transparency and sustainability are met throughout all our processes, from cacao planting to our finished products.

Felchlin couverture is the result of collective experience, choice cacao and passionate craftsmanship. Each bean from the different regions and the various countries features unique, specific and intensive flavors which unfold through traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

The Grand Cru collection begins with the selection of the perfect cacao and Felchlin has specialized in creating the noblest Grand Cru covertures. The careful handling of the cacao fruit at the origin perfectly prepares the beans for further processing. Quality varieties, the optimal harvest time and meticulous selection ensure the intensive character of our noble cacao.

Felchlin is the specialist in creating noble couverture. Our covertures are not only a culmination of our enthusiasm but also reflect the blending of Swiss tradition with conscientious handcraft and our in-depth acquired knowledge in the field of cacao. Central Switzerland is the home of Felchlin, where the finest ingredients find their way into our exclusive couverture.

Our relationship to customers and cacao farmers is characterized by our joint passion for our craft, our flexibility to complete challenges and our stability as a traditional company.

Felchlin has been nestled in Ibach-Schwyz for more than 100 years, convinced that our traditional demand for the highest quality will continue to provide the correct impulse for the future.