Interview: Intissar Soussi, passionate baker

Intissar Soussi, socially known as chefintissar is a certified baker from Dubai, UAE. Her passion towards the world of culinary has inspired many to explore their talent in baking. The most versatile and beautiful baker, shares her delightful journey as a chef and an inspiring message to the enthusiasts, an exclusive interview with Masterbaker Studio.

Was cooking /baking your passion from childhood?

Yes it has always been, especially when I used to see my mom creating colorful dishes that were very aesthetic, it motivated me more to enter the kitchen explore ingredients & experiment new recipes!


How & when did you decide to make your childhood passion to ambition?

After graduating from high school I wanted to join a culinary school to know more about this field & it’s magic ! But when I first proposed the idea to my parents, I faced an instant rage of rejection, so I did my graduation as my parents suggested but moved forward to pursue my passion as I always wanted 


What do you enjoy the most as Baker? 

Baking cake & kneading a dough that makes me release my stress & make me more creative !


Name your favorite dessert /savory snack that you like to bake anytime?

Short crust pastry is my favorite as I can create a variety of dishes using it such as apple galette, tarts & biscuits... etc


What are your favorite ingredients while baking?

Sugar! Nothing is complete & perfect without a pinch of sugar as it gives a very nice caramelization, brown golden color  & the delicious flavor !


Can you share a memorable part of your career so far?

There are many memories that I had during this journey that will obviously will stay memorable ! But one thing that I’ll never forget is when I joined a French pastry competition that was harder than what I expected but I learnt to stay focused & never give up, despite all the challenges that I faced I was still able to be one of the top 3 winner that made me super proud.


Your word of advice to aspiring bakers! 

“Chefs, it’s never a failure it’s always a less & do what it inspires you”