Hazelnut Zopf

Hazelnut Zopf

Zopf is a type of Swiss, Austrian or Bavarian bread and is well known among bakers. This beautifully braided bread is a source of inspiration to every baking enthusiasts. Try the hazelnut zopf bread recipe made specially by Chef Karl Gaug for this Eid. Try our recipe and share your creation with us @masterbakerstudio and do not forget to use #studiocircle.


  • 1 Mix all ingredients except butter for about 3 minutes, add the butter step by step to the dough.
  • 2 The dough is ready mixed as soon as the gluten structure is well developed and dough is smooth.
  • 3 Divide the well mixed dough in two same sized pieces (approx. 375 gr each) and rest well in a slightly greased container / or covered on an baking tray overnight in the chiller at 5 – 6° C
  • 4 Filling Preparation: Heat water and sugar in a pan
  • 5 Pour the hot water sugar mix over the sweet crumbs and whisk until the crumbs are nicely soaked
  • 6 Add the grated hazelnut and cinnamon powder and mix properly, the filling might be a bit crumbly, let it cool down and add later egg white or milk to soften it until you can easily spread it.
  • 7 Baking Process: Remove the dough from the chiller and roll it with a rolling pin, take care that the dough is not wider as the baking mould (approx. 25 cm wide x 40 cm long) you use.
  • 8 Spread the half of the hazelnut filling on the dough, roll from both ends equally to the middle
  • 9 Cut the dough between the two rolled sides, cross in the middle and twist several times
  • 10 Place the dough in the baking tin and cover with a kitchen cloth
  • 11 Keep for proofing on a warm place for about 60 minutes
  • 12 Brush the cake optionally with egg wash before baking
  • 13 Bake the cake at about 180° C for about 35 minutes (500 g)

Dough Ingredients

  • 1 280g SchapfenMuehle Wheat flour T45
  • 2 50g Sugar
  • 3 5g Dry Yeast or 15g Fresh Yeast
  • 4 5g Lemon zest
  • 5 100g Whole egg
  • 6 5g Salt
  • 7 50g Cold Water
  • 8 75g Butter (Room Temp)

Filling Ingredients

  • 1 250g roasted and grated Hazelnut
  • 2 75g Sweet Crumbs
  • 3 2g Cinnamon powder
  • 4 175g Water
  • 5 150g Sugar

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