Swabian Traditional Souls

Swabian Traditional Souls

Swabian souls is a South German bun! It comes plain or with caraway or sesame toppings! It has a crunchy outside and soft and juicy inside. It’s an ideal partner to charcuterie or cheese. Try our recipe and share your creation with us @masterbakerstudio and do not forget to use #studiocircle.


  • 1 Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix with your hand mixer (kneading hook) or kitchen machine until you get a smooth dough, the dough should be nicely stretchable.
  • 2 Leave the dough in the mixing bowl, cover it with a kitchen cloth and leave it for 60 min to rest
  • 3 Cut the dough with moist hands in eight similar sized pieces, shape the pieces carefully long and place them on a baking paper covered oven tray and proof for 30 min.
  • 4 Tip: keep them covered during proofing time.
  • 5 Heat up your oven up to 220° C (up and bottom heat) and place a heat proof bowl with water on the lowest level of it, the steam from the hot water gives you a better volume and crispiness.
  • 6 Before baking brush the surface with water and sprinkle either coarse salt, caraway or different oil seeds like sesame, linseed or pumpkin seed over it.
  • 7 Start with 220° C, at mid-hight for 10 min. afterwards decrease to 200° C and continue baking for another 20 min.

Pizza Ingredients

  • 1 500g Schapfen Wheat Flour T55
  • 2 10g Dry Yeast
  • 3 10g Salt
  • 4 10g Honig
  • 5 350g Water (Room-temp)

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